DJ Costa



Meet DJ Costa, the heartbeat of Rockstar Entertainment, and one of Montreal's most sought-after DJs and MCs. His passion for music, combined with a natural ability to engage and entertain audiences, has made him a favorite choice for weddings and other events throughout the city.

Musical Maestro: DJ Costa's love for music is infectious. With a comprehensive understanding of different genres, from classic hits to the latest chart-toppers, his DJ skills have made him a master of the Montreal music scene. He effortlessly crafts playlists that capture the mood of any event, whether it's the energetic buzz of a club night or the romantic ambiance of a wedding.

Montreal's Premier DJ: Born and raised in Montreal, DJ Costa understands the city's vibrant music culture like no other. His sets are an exciting mix of international hits and local favorites, designed to keep Montreal's diverse crowd engaged and on the dance floor.

DJ Costa is more than just a DJ and MC. He is a storyteller who uses music and words to create memorable experiences. His ability to understand and connect with an audience sets him apart in the Montreal DJ scene, making him the perfect choice for your wedding or event. With DJ Costa at the helm, your event is guaranteed to be an extraordinary celebration of music and joy. Rock the night away with DJ Costa from Rockstar Entertainment.